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How To Change Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 To English Language

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES 2016) is a soccer game that is competing with bigger games to become an awesome live soccer playing experience in gaming industry, well recently i downloaded the cracked version using the online torrent service and faced the bad language issue.

So i made a search on the internet on how i can change the language on Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 and to my surprise, i got the language packs that could be downloaded and used easily to change the language in the game.

Changing Pro Evolution Soccer Language to English

Now lets see how you can change your unknown language in your Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 game to English and make it playble.

1. You need to download the English Language Pack, Commentry and Menu File which is packed in one single package.  {Download Here}

2. Well the file is pretty big but you won’t regret it, as i have downloaded the file and used it and it worked great.

3. After you have downloaded the file, its a .RAR package so you will need the WinRar Software to extract it.

4. Now just extract the files and copy them to the Installation Directory of your game inside the Data folder.

5. You can find the installation directory by right clicking on your game icon and choosing Open File Location.

6. There you will see a Data folder, just check the image above.

7. Paste all the Extracted files inside that Data Directory.

8. Now you have pasted the files, now its time to change the language manually by launching your game and changing the language by going inside your System Settings and then Language Settings.

9. Check the above .GIF image i have uploaded, you might be having some different language but just follow the icons and you will be good to change your language in Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.

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